Frequently Asked Questions

we receive tons of emails & comments daily asking many of the same questions, so if you have a question yourself, feel free to read through these answers first!

think we missed something? contact us & let us know!

  1. where do you live? 
    chelsea lives in Norfolk, VA + kaitlin lives in Seattle, WA
  2. how do you come up with the people you feature for 'follow friday'?
    we generally feature girls we know, love, &/or have been following for a long time. we typically have a mutual friendship or online connection with them & think others should know who they are & what they're doing too! 
  3. are you [chelsea + kaitlin] planning on seeing each other again soon or moving closer together?
    we of course desire to be closer & see each other as much as possible! unfortunately life consists of things like jobs & careers, & travel requires money, so we can't see each other as much as we'd like to right now. hopefully, chelsea will be moving to the PNW sometime in the future & we will be reunited at last!
  4. what camera does kaitlin use to take the photos in her make-up/hair tutorials?
    just her iPhone 5s! they are edited using the VSCO app.
  5. how did you two become best friends/meet?
    we met through the world of instagram & penpaling! if you want to know the whole story, awhile back we did a blogpost on this topic! you can read it here.