makeup monday: flat iron waves

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

it's no secret that i curl my hair but the secret is i don't know how to use an actual curling iron.
i've been using this 1/2 inch flat iron for years.. and my favorite flat iron has been a cheap
revlon that my mom got me from target two years ago.

my hair is naturally flat as a board. i am part powhatan indian & i totally inherited the thick
straight hair. as my hair stylist says that i have "asian hair."

what i love about this look is that it looks effortless. i personally don't care for "super heavy
hair spray, put together, i took 5 hours to do this" -- hair.

   Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

1. you need a 1/2 inch flat iron

2. straighten hair


3. start at the top and "flick" your wrist to the right to start curling

4. use hands to brush through the curls + "fluff" hair

then you're done!

super simple! i hope the pictures helped with the tutorial!
(sometimes its hard to put into words how to curl hair!)
 but the secrets out!

 i also use brocato's actives for fly aways

thanks to nate embrey for taking this photos!

 x's + o's, chelsea diane