go green challenge: work out essentials

for the month of april we would like to challenge you & ourselves to GO GREEN.
this month we will celebrate earth day, and i thought since this month reminds us to take
care of our planet, i figured this month we should also take care of ourselves.

to break & start a habit takes 30 days.

whats the challenge?
Go green.

let me break it down for ya.
as someone who has been a vegetarian for the past six years it takes discipline to say no to bbq
& chicfila but what takes even more discipline is to go vegan. as much as i would love all of our
readers to go vegan this month..
i want to challenge you to replace something like meat, dairy, sweets for veggies.. fruits.. and exercise.

kait & i are going vegan this month. we will be posting more about health, yummy vegan recipes, what
we are doing during our workouts.. etc.

so are you up for the challenge?

i love to work out. since i have been dating andrew its been really hard for me to go to the gym.
because lets face it, once we get a boyfriend we get comfortable.
find ourselves snuggling on the couch and stuffing our faces with pizza & mac n cheese.
over the weekend i started a juice cleanse with my favorite juicers suja. i will share more about my juice
clease.. but anyway, i made myself to get back into the routine of the gym. let me tell you, that first day
back was hard. but i listened to my current audible book (divergent) and motivated myself to do it!
it feels good to be back in the gym. so i wanted to share with you my work out essentials.

 //1. my phone. this is a given. while i am working out i am either listening to M.I.A's latest album
to keep me pumped or my audible book. which i am completely addicted to divergent

//2. this blender bottle that i got from tjmax. its great for making protein shakes or to keep you hydrated

//3. these dermalogica pre cleanse wipes. don't get me started on dermalogica. one day i would
love to share with you all my skin care reg. but i was so happy when dermalogica came out
with a makeup removal // pre cleanse wipe. nothing is worse than having a grueling, sweaty
work out and leave the gym feeling like your pores are totally clogged with dirt. i always keep
these in my gym bag. washing my face with these always leaves me feeling clean & ready to go!

//4. last but not least a yummy suja juice. i always leave the gym hungry. and it doesn't help that
the gym i go to is right across the street from a taco bell. i always bring a juice with me to
help with the hunger and give me what my body is really craving!

i am so looking forward to the next month and can't wait to hear if you all join us for the
go green 30 day challenge!

x's + o's,
chelsea diane