make-up monday: macklemore?

as you can tell from the title, this isn't your typical make-up monday post.
it's not actually a make-up tutorial at all, but it does have to do with hair!

two months ago, i took a mirror selfie with Macklemore. on set, in the hair/makeup/wardrobe trailer, at 11:30pm after wrapping some of the final shots for Fences new music video for his song ARROWS, featuring the one and only, Ben Haggerty aka Macklemore. whaaat? i was given the opportunity to do all the hair for the production of the video! both of these talented artists are Seattle natives, meaning they filmed the entire video locally. wait, how did this opportunity come about?

Processed with VSCOcam with m4 preset

i met Seattle-based photographer and director John Keatley last year while i was in LA, he took some iPhone portraits of me, and when i relocated back to the PNW, he told me he liked my hair/makeup aesthetic and the way i do what i do, so we talked about working together on some upcoming projects. much to my excitement, i received a call from him back in June asking if i was available to do hair for a music video featuring Macklemore, and all i could do was say YES.

i feel so fortunate to have had this opportunity to work on a massive, beautiful project like this with such a wonderful team of creative and inspiring people! i never would have even dreamt about dreaming a dream this big, and to have it become my reality blows my mind! thank you to John for giving me this opportunity and all the others who made it possible for me to do this. and thank you to my family and amazing friends for your support and always believing in my talents!

so, because i'm not one of the musical artists OR one of the super talented people who made this whole video happen, my 'acceptance speech' is over, ha! please, go watch this crazy amazing video!!! [and don't forget to check out the hair ;)]

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