follow friday: @lavbug

Name // Lavi Popitan
Age // 26
Location // Phoenix, Arizona
Occupation // Stylist at Free People

I fell in love with Lavi's Instagram feed containing photos of trees, coffee, and her amazing sense of style around the time of her most recent trip to Portland. I was so bummed I didn't know of her sooner or else we could [and hopefully would] have met up! she's beautiful, creative, loves Jesus, and is definitely someone I hope and see myself being real life friends with at some point! I loved learning about her through her q+a, discovering things we have in common, [like being obsessed with Christmas!] and I think you will relate and love her too!

1 // what inspires you daily?
I am constantly inspired by the beauty and nature that surrounds us daily created by our heavenly father. I take joy in the little things. I am at my happiest when I'm outdoors. 

2 // I've seen you mention on your photos that you belong in the woods-- any plans on moving to the PNW or somewhere similar anytime soon?!
It would be an absolute DREAM to move to the PNW. Although the desert here is beautiful I just have such a huge crush on trees. I love being surrounded by the woods. I just find it so peaceful. I have definitely thought and talked about moving out there sometime in the future but for now I am content with just visiting friends & family. 

3 // tell us about your heritage, where your family is from?
I am Romanian. I was born there and raised in Arizona. I've lived in Romania for almost a year of my life and speak the language fluently.

4 // how did your career start with Free People? where do you see it going?
I started working at Free People 3 years ago. I've always had such a love for the clothing and creativity of the company so I knew right away when one opened up in Arizona that I wanted to be apart of it so I just went for it. It would be a dream to end up working at home office in Philly some day. 

5 // if you had to eat one food and drink one beverage the rest of your life, what would they be?
As most of you can probably tell from my Instagram I am absolutely in love with coffee. If I had  to drink just one beverage for the rest of my life, that would be it. As far as food goes that's a tough one. I'm a huge foodie and love almost everything. I am a huge sucker for Thai food and pretty much anything super spicy. 

6 // where do you see yourself in 5 years, personally and professionally?
 In 5 years I hope to see myself married and maybe thinking of bringing a little one into the world. Also traveling parts of the world & being content in the career path I chose. 

7 // what's your favorite part about being a girl?
 My favorite part of being a girl is being able to express our creativity and personality through our personal styles. 

8 // describe your perfect weekend from beginning to end:
 My perfect weekend would definitely be starting the day with some delicious brunch and heading up north to Flagstaff or Sedona to picnic and explore the woods with the bf. Sitting on a blanket with some delicious coffee and appreciating all the beauty and fresh air that surrounds us. *sigh* That sounds so good right now.

9 // if you were a tree, what tree would you be and where would you choose to be planted?
 I would be a pine tree and I would be planted by a dreamy cottage or cabin surrounded by other lovely pine trees. 

10 // tell us something not many people at all know about you?!
Gosh this is a hard one.. Hmm let's see.. Not many people know how obsessed with Christmas I am. I just love everything about it,  the weather, being all warm and cozy inside sipping on hot chocolate and watching "White Christmas" I listen to my old Christmas records all year round and I start watching Christmas movies towards the end of summer and I'm proud of it! Every time I'm thrifting I get so excited when I come across a good Christmas vinyl. I love Christmas! 

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