autumn harvest playlist

when i think of fall i think of music. i want to be in my car driving down a leaf covered road. blasting bon iver, sipping on coffee, looking over and smiling at andrew (OR kaitlin if it were an ideal world) and soaking in EVERY. SINGLE. SECOND. because that's the thing about this beautiful season, you have to take it all in before it's gone.

press play here 

1. stars // sam airey
2. autumn tree // milo greene
3. the rains // esbern snare
4. heart beats // hey mareilles
5. lay your cards out // POLICA, mike noyce
6. your arms around me // jens lekman
7. willamette mountain // joshua james 
8. swing // zero 7
9. as long as it takes // isebells
10. a little bit of everything // dawes
11. the cascades // fleet foxes
12. delicate // damien rice
13. tee shirt // birdy
14. autumn leaves - deluxe edition // ed sheeran (swoooon!)
15. every other freckle // alt-j
16. morning // beck
17. down in the valley // the head and the heart 
18. far from any road (be my hand) // andrew bird
19. honey jars // bryan john appleby
20. flume // lotte kestner
21. gold // james vincent mcmorrow 
22. let it be me // ray lamontagne
23. song for you // alexi murdoch
24. stomp: for her // momentary prophets
25. ivy & gold // bombay bicycle club
26. and if my heart should somehow // james vincent mcmorrow
27. you & i - live // local natives
28. michicant // bon ivor 

it may because i am in love but autumn is such a romantic time of the year. so therefore i did include some gooey songs but i also included some songs that take you to nostalgia land.

* if you have spotify feel free to save this playlist on your page so you can click to listen anytime!

x's & o's,
chelsea diane + kaitlin elaine