kaitlin's daily fall & winter essentials

on any given day during the cold autumn/winter months, you'll find me wearing/using/doing any of these pictured above. I love cosy knits, earthy colors, and the freezing winter air does a number on my usually oily skin, so anything moisturizing is my best friend! I'm sharing a few of my daily essentials because they are things I LOVE and items I think many of you will find helpful to use and keep you toasty warm!

clockwise from top left corner:

  • Krochet Kids hat & Carhartt beanie -- I cannot live without hats! basically any day I'm not at work and have to have my hair looking good, I have a hat on! these are two of my favorites from my huge, growing collection.
  • Trader Joe's Vanilla & Cinnamon Black Tea -- it's safe to say I've got all my friends hooked on this seasonal tea from TJ's! it only comes out around Christmastime so I'm sure to always stock up. it tastes great with cookies ;)
  • Gold Mug [Threshold for Target] -- I got a few of these mugs on clearance a few weeks ago- they are probably gone now! but they are so pretty and are just the right size for a yummy afternoon cuppa!
  • Boots Botanics Intensive Moisture Mask -- this mask works wonders when my skin is lacking moisture! lately we have been experiencing very cold, dry weather so my skin is less oinly than usual. I apply this at night after I wash my face and in a few minutes my skin is back to normal!
  • Trader Joe's Pumpkin Body Butter -- this is a super thick body butter and it smells SO GOOD with a hint of pumpkiny spice! it's perfect for applying to my hands before I go to bed. [plus, I'm a sucker for the 70's looking packaging and font ;)]
  • Sweaters! --the mustard sweater is lightweight yet warm, large and oversized from H&M, and the top sweater is a color blocked cable knit from Forever 21. I have too many sweaters...
  • H&M Brown Boots -- I love these boots! they are not real leather, but that's okay because I don't feel bad wearing them to death in the daily rain. the heel height is perfect and I love the black detailing to make them wearable with what else-- black!
  • Mittens -- these mittens are from H&M as well. I unfortunately had to purchase a new pair after my beloved knit mittens from Target lost one of it's mates after 2 strong years together. it was a sad day, but I do love this pair! if you haven't seen my DIY mitten tutorial, click here!
  • Fresh Balsam 3 Wick Candle -- I am one of those girls. I go candle crazy this time of year! Fresh Balsam is one of my favorite scents throughout all of fall/winter, and even after Christmastime. Bath & Body Works always has a great selection and great deals. 
  • Knitting -- I love knitting! I taught myself how to knit last year through YouTube videos, and still enjoy it this year. it keeps my hands busy and warm while I'm watching TV or just relaxing after a long day. my favorite needles are these 13's by Wool & the Gang!
  • New Balance 420's -- I was treated to these for my birthday this year by my mom & dad! I'm loving the comfy tennis shoe trend this season, this pair is ideal in a neutral gray/black with a little pop of plaid on the inside. they're a great alternative when I'm not in the mood for boots!
  • Deep Red Lipsticks -- four of my favorites for this time of the year are: MAC's Retro, which is a perfect dupe for my beloved, limited edition Fabulous Fig by Revlon, Milani's Sangria, which is a plummy winey red, L'Oreal "matte-r of fact" which I think was also limited edition [I'm sorry!!!] and Revlon's Wine Not.
  • C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve -- I've used this for YEARS now and love it so much. it's too heavy to typically wear it in the daytime, unless my lips are reeeeeally chapped, so I usually apply it at night before bed and in the morning my lips are restored and ready for lipstick!

what are your daily wintery essentials? let me know if there are any must-haves to try!

x's + o's
kaitlin elaine