GIFT GUIDE: homemade candles


The spirit of Christmas is in the air. Kaitlin and I love Christmas… well, I don't think anyone could love Christmas more than Kaitlin. (caugh caugh.. who just ordered a Christmas bedding)

One thing I love about this time of year is the spirit of giving. If you know me, my number one love language is giving. The past few years I have been trying to add a little homemade touch to my gifts. 

I love candles. My apartment is filled with different fragrances from candles at all times. I have ALWAYS wanted to try to make my own and I was so surprised how easy it was.


+ a bag of soy wax. we got all of our supplies at Hobby Lobby but I am sure you can find these at any craft store!

+ we decided to go with the wooden sticks for that crackling noise feel but regular wax wick would work just as well!

+ a spool of ribbon. i got this gorgeous set of ribbon at TJmaxx for $12!

+  we chose to use the essential oil called "JOY"

+ name tag holders

+mason jars


+when we first started the candle making process we filled up our jars with two cups of wax. BUT after we melted the wax we had to double it up. So if you want to measure it out I would suggest 4 cups or do it the easy way and just fill up your cup!

+ cover your jar with saran wrap and microwave until the wax is melted. 

after it is melted you can determine if you want to add more wax or keep it the height that it is at.

+ add in the essential oils! we added two drops because the scent of this particular oil was super strong.

+ add the wick! with using the wooden wick we used that to stir the oils + the wax together.

+ place the UNCOVERED candles in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

+ decorating time! this was my favorite part of this project! add ribbon + tag and you have the perfect christmas gift for someone special!

 what i would do differently :

I learned a lot from doing this project. but i learned a lot of what i could do better next time!

1. using a regular wax wick vs. a wooden wick. the crackly noise you get from the wooden wick is the best. but unfortunately with the brand Hobby Lobby sells, you can't smell the scent at all, it mostly smells like burnt wood.

2. Hobby Lobby sells little wax droplets that have different scents.. next time i would like to try that instead of the essential oils. unfortunately there has been zero aroma from these candles  but they do make the atmosphere cozy.

3. buy at least two - three bags of wax. the wax was the priciest part of this project ($9.99) but luckily hobby lobby had a 40% which helped cut the cost. but the bag we bought only filled up 12 & 16 oz mason jars.

i loved this project and i can't wait to keep on trying new recipes to make the perfect smelling candle! i hope you all try it! if you have any advice on candle making or your own favorite way of making them, please leave a comment below!

big thanks to rachael for helping me make & photograph this project!

x's + o's,

chelsea diane