n o v e m b e r desktop c a l e n d a r

november desktop calendar // photo by andrew michael montgomery // hand lettering by chelsea diane 

what i love most about this month is the symbolism that it brings: stopping & reflecting on what we are thankful for.

coming into this month i already had this mindset. one of my dearest friends lost her brother in law suddenly this week from a mass in his brain. he left behind his beautiful wife and his two month old daughter. i have been thinking of my friend and her family every second of the day. with this tragedy it has awoken my spirit and it has reminded me that every single day is a gift. every moment with the one you love is precious. this month i hope to love others more, be kinder, gentler, laugh often, have an extra scoop of ice-cream, to give a little extra grace and to just live. life is such a beautiful gift.. take in each breath as if it were your last.

x's & o's,

chelsea diane