knit it out // how to knit for beginners!

it's no secret: Chelsea and I love knitting. last winter, it's all we did, and when we finally saw each other we exchanged our finished knitting project: scarves! we wanted to share bits & pieces of knitting on our blog on a series called "knit it out". whenever we were upset or going through something, we would tell each other to "knit it out" because it's a great, therapeutic way to relax, relieve stress, and feel productive.

I've been receiving so many questions lately about knitting after posting a few photos of my knitting on Instagram. is it hard to learn? what yarn is that? what needles are you using? how did you learn to knit? I thought I would share a very beginners method for knitting. this is the way I learned from a YouTube video... so I decided to make my own!

I apologize for this poorly planned video, I was rambling off the top of my head, my hands aren't in view half of the time and the ending is abrupt and also unplanned-- I suppose that's what I get for using the chandelier above the dining room table as a tripod! ;) I hope it's helpful anyway, if you have questions leave them below and I will be sure to answer them!

yarn used: Red Heart Grande super bulky in 6 gauge 'Oatmeal'
needles used: 50 / US 25MM wood from Hobby Lobby [12MM in video from Wool & the Gang]

here are examples of what I mention in the video.
a full swatch of one side knit, and the other purl:

and then a swatch of every row knit back to back, you get a knit/purl/knit/purl pattern:

we want to see your knitting! use our hastags #feelandflourish and #knititout to share your projects!

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