DIY // cozy sweater mittens

I came across this DIY tutorial on Pinterest and had been wanting to try it out forever. mittens from a recycled sweater? yes! what better time to attempt a mitten project when the cold, winter weather is creeping up on us! this original tutorial was done by A Beautiful Mess, and you can see their version of this project here.

this is pretty simple, and you'll only need a few things:

  • an old sweater
  • marker or chalk
  • sewing machine [preferably] or needle and thread
  • fabric scissors

[tip: your sewing machine will need to be on a larger stitch setting for the thicker, chunkier sweater material.]

let's start!

1 // lay out your sweater and use the existing hem on the bottom if possible!

2 // line up your hand with the side seam to get an idea of where you'll be making your mittens. if you can use this seam it will save you time and a lot of extra sewing work. then turn your sweater inside out.

3 // trace around your hand using a sharpie or chalk, making sure you leave at least 1/2-1inch space around your hand. also leave plenty of space between your finger and thumb so the mittens will be roomy enough!

4 // DO NOT CUT OUT MITTENS BEFORE SEWING! this is so important because as soon as you cut the knit material, it will unravel! use your sewing machine to sew along the outlines. when you finish, you can THEN cut out around the sewn lines and turn right-side out to check the fit! starting bigger and going smaller is always easier and a better idea.

5 // when you're happy with the shape and size, you're finished!

this project is a great way to recycle old sweaters and can make a great, inexpensive gift! I might try using the sleeves of this sweater next to make another pair ;)

stay cozy!
x's + o's
kaitlin elaine