let's be H O N E S T

lets be honest: i have never been a writer. i have always had a hard time putting most of my thoughts into words that described them best. sitting amongst friends i always struggled being able (quickly) to tell them my ideas of God, life, theories, and more opinions.

growing up i always journaled. i have stacks and stacks of journals. in college some of my fondest memories are finding myself amongst the trees writing away. writing letters to my friends from far distances. the romance between ink and paper has always been so special to me. the fact that i can sit in my room reading old journals and finding my heart feel the same aches or joy that i had then is something so special. but, this doesn't mean i am a writer. 

growing up i always struggled in school. i remember being a little girl sitting next to the window looking outside and staring at the birds. high school.. college i did the same thing but i found myself drawing those birds. 

now, having a blog i find myself lost. where is my voice in this blog? where do i belong besides being the connecting piece to feel and flourish? 

my voice is found in photographs. being an artist i feel like there is so many elements. kaitlin is an phenomenal writer. i remember when we were typing up our first blog post you could hear her speaking through each line. she is crafty and has so many amazing ideas spinning in her mind. she is an amazing stylist + makeup artist. she was born to be a blogger. i may lack in grammar and content. but i hope my voice is heard through my photos. through the adventures i find myself. the cities my feet meet. i hope you get to see a glimpse of what i see through this blog. 

i hope to always explore. finding myself snapping. to never loose my sense of wonder.

"these are the days that must happen to you."

- walt whitman 

x's + o's, 

chelsea diane