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i don't know where to begin with this girl. i guess i will start when we first met over two or three years ago (can't keep up with time). i was going through a hard time and she reached out to me and wanted to grab lunch at chipotle. after that meet up we were inseparable! we spent that whole summer going on thrifting adventures, taking photos & creating yummy recipes. she is a treasure. brooke is SO freaking wise. she is four years younger than me but at times i felt like she was 4 years older than me. she is crazy outgoing but you can sit in a corner with her at stella and spill your guts out to her. brooke, move back already. i miss you.

1. name // age // occupation // location

Brooke Swann, I'm 22 years old and currently serve in Global Expeditions as the Programs & Groups Manager and soon working at Anthropologie as the Home Decore Manager :) 



2. you recently moved back to dallas. what has been your favorite part of being back in the beautiful state of TEXAS?

Texas... it's just lovely. But most of all my family :) they are like having your favorite sweater on all the time.


3. what inspires you?

Well creation & it's wonderful creator :) also, recently I've been in love with textured materials & watercolor paintings 


4. if you were a coffee beverage what would you be and why?

Pecan Pie Latte with an extra shot + almond milk because I'm sweet + southern & a little feisty sometimes


5. what is your ideal day?

Starting the day with all the coffee, going outside to explore, visiting local art exhibits, eating eggs benedict and then finishing the day with a live concert preferably one with a harmonica involved. 


6. what are some of your favorite spots to eat//drink//see in dallas?

I've LOVED exploring Dallas since my return. GEM is my favorite juice bar, Oddfellows & Enos are always a must in the bishop arts area. Also, my favorite jazz bar is the Balcony Club, if you haven't been, you need too. 


7. i have to ask this.. what is your favorite part of being a texan?

Did you know we fry pickles here? So, besides that... it's a prideful/comfort that is the best. The south is a nice place to be. 


8. where do you hope to see yourself in the next 5 years?

In five years I hope to have finished my masters and start using creativity to end human trafficking and social injustices around the world. 


9. what has been your favorite part of the instagram community?

just that, community. I have met some of the most precious human beings through instagram I would have never met before. 


10. brooke swann.. will you ever start a blog?

actually yes! My goal was to finish undergrad and remain blog distraction free, but yes! Very soon- once I figure out a name. 


11. describe yourself in 3 words, GO!

passionate, dreamer, love

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