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name // ellie lowe 
age //  twenty one
location // sydney, aus
occupation // nanny, preschool assistant, wife, Jesus lover, wannabe travel writer + photo taker

I've had the pleasure of meeting this Aussie beauty over a year or so ago now, after she began dating, and since marrying, one of my friends, Shawn! They now reside in Australia and I have yet to be able to get over to that side of the globe, but when I do I hope to have Ellie as a tour guide: she and her hubby Shawn see and go to the most amazingly beautiful places! she's crafty, creative, gorgeous, and someone I feel lucky to know. follow her blog and especially her Instagram feed where she will inspire you with every photo. Come back to Seattle soon! :)

read her q+a!

1 // what inspires you daily? 
Jesus & every single little thing he has made + done in my life (cliché but true!) oh & the ocean. always. 

2 // you and Shawn are so sweet together! tell us your love story:
Well this could easily go on awhile! But in short, we met when I moved to sydney from brisbane, & shawn came for college in feb 2011. He left back to Seattle in December, we stayed friends. We kept in touch throughout 2012 then started skyping & messaging everyday, then before I knew it I was in love with the guy & hopped on a plane to see him on my way to moving to england for 6 months in april 2013! We did long distance all of that year then he moved here after christmas, popped the question & now we get to be together forever & ever which rules!! (You can check out a post I did last year called "Him and Her" which is a detailed story of how it all happened). 

3 // what has been your favorite part about newlywed life?
I used to look forward to waking up to Shawn's text messages in the morning, now I get to wake up to his perfect face & warm cuddles! Definitely my favourite thing.

4 // have you always lived in Australia? would you ever consider moving to the USA?
Yes I have, aside from the 6 months in England (which was meant to be two years but I chickened out!) I've moved around different areas of Australia though, I am currently living in my 15th house. My family loved to switch it up! I would consider the states, definitely, for shawn's sake. We're both super close to our families, so we couldn't go our whole lives being away from them. A whole lotta give & take, ya know! 

5 // describe your perfect day off or weekend, from beginning to end:
Wake up before the sun, pack a picnic, drive to the ocean. Find a secluded beach, lay down a huge towel & snuggle up with a hot drink & watch the sunrise. Whilst it's rising, we'd run into the water for a sunrise swim, then we'd run back & nap! Then we'd go & find a nice coastal walk & take too many photos. Then we'd grab some burgers & milkshakes for lunch. Then we'd head home & I would do some writing or crafts while shawn would edit & then we'd make a yummy dinner together with Christmas music on & then go out to the drive in movies & eat ice cream sundaes!! 

6 // you can only eat 3 foods the rest of your life: what would they be?
Ice cream, chocolate, and something really healthy to balance out the other two things. 

7 // where do you see yourself in 5 years, personally and professionally?
Ideally I'd be a really amazing travel writer & photographer, have a super successful blog, be traveling the world with shawn raising awareness in areas that people like to ignore to make life easier & maybe, MAYBE, be thinking about growing a tiny human. 

8 // you and Shawn have traveled quite a bit together, do you have any trips coming up anytime soon?! if so, where?
Unfortunately due to Shawn's visa application to become a resident here, he will be unable to leave the country for around 12 months. So next year we won't have any crazy trips planned. However we have Tasmania in our sights... As well as the Great Ocean Road in Victoria and the Whitsundays off the coast of Queensland. 

9 // do you have most embarrassing moment you wouldn't mind sharing with us? ;)
Oh gosh, I have a horribly embarrassing moment which I don't know if I want the entire world having access to... It has something to do with high school, & a lot to do with (unexpectedly) getting my period in the middle of class. A lot of it. I'll stop there. 

10 // what is one message you wish to share with the world?
What if we were all more concerned about others then we are about ourselves? There's a bigger picture, & I am in love with that fact! It makes everyday easier & less complicated. & of course I'd share Jesus! Cause he's just the best.


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