PORTLAND in December

awhile ago, Lonnie and I planned a getaway to Portland, OR for some tax-free Christmas shopping, coffee drinking, vintage hunting, and most of all some quality time in our favorite city! I was so excited when this past weekend rolled around-- we packed up the car and set off early Sunday morning-- it's only a little under a 3 hour drive from Seattle!

once we arrived, we began exploring new places-- shops, apothecaries and researching restaurants we've never been before [we settled on the Doug Fir Lounge for dinner!] we ate grilled cheese from the same food truck Chelsea and I ate at back in February-- twice! don't judge us ;) we sipped coffee, ate delicious Salt & Straw ice cream, walked everywhere, took millions of photos, had a restful night slumber at the Ace Hotel, and overall enjoyed a fun-filled weekend of togetherness in that beautiful city!

here are some snapshots of moments from our weekend-- some taken by Lonnie, some by myself :) enjoy!

have you ever been to Portland? where are some of your favorite places to visit? if you missed it, you can see the trip Chelsea and I took to Portland in February HERE!

x's + o's
kaitlin elaine