our f r i d a y favorites!

TGIF! for most people anyway. [I have to work Saturdays, *insert crying emoji here*] but it's all good because I have a great weekend ahead and I am almost fully recovered from the bout of stomach flu I encountered mid-week, ew! NO FUN. tonight, it's time to decorate the tree, watch a Christmas movie, and maybe even build a gingerbread house! [I apologize in advance for how completely obsessed I am with this holiday.]

chelsea and I compiled a list of a few things we are crushing on right now, from our own lives to our "wish-this-Pinterest-board-was-real-life", and a few things in between! enjoy!

Kaitlin --

1 // plaid! I am on the hunt for the perfect red plaid coat, or oversized shirt would do.

2 // short hair, on myself and my clients. the long bob, or bob in general is IN and if you haven't cut your hair in years... the time is now.

3 // SNOW! because we had it stick around for a week or so, and now... its gone :(

4 // pretty, rough cut stone jewelry 

5 // shopping for holiday gifts in unique places, like the flea market rather than the mall, where you can find handmade goods from local artisans, and it's more fun anyway!

6 // you guessed it... CHRISTMAS! haha, but really, everything Christmassy. I just received my wintery duvet set in the mail which I ordered a long time ago, and it's finally completed my room. 

7// a few seasonal bit & bobs making me happy: Christmas vinyl, Charlie Brown Christmas CD, Tis the Season B&BW candle, GAP red knit hat, and my vintage Santa Claus book from 1948.

8 // this candle. don't let patchouli turn you away... it smells SO good!

9 // Hilary & Kate's "Take Me North" Winter EP! I had the pleasure of meeting these ladies back in the summer of 2013 in California when Lonnie shot some photos for their first album, and ever since I have loved their music. these amazingly talented girls have an Acoustic/ Folk/ Americana/ Celtic sound. Kate even plays the fiddle! please give their warm, Christmassy album, including some beautiful hymns, a listen on their BandCamp!


Chelsea -- 

during this time of year i become a hermit. i want all the candles lit, wool socks keeping my toes warm, thick pajamas + hot cinnamon tea to keep me company.  {found all of these images on Pinterest}

1. this beautiful color pallet. lately i have been loving neutral tones with a pop of color. give me all the blankets & pillows.

2. i am so glad that gold is 'in'. lately i have been collecting brass & gold candle sticks, i love their timeless look.

3. pretty wrapping paper.

4. i bought this cozy knitted vest while i was home in Texas.. it's really hard for me not to wear it everyday. it's like wearing a blanket!

5. beautiful sleepwear.

6. i have been collecting vintage houseware for the past few years. as i am getting older, i have been wanting to refresh my dishes with brand new ones. so slowly i am getting rid of my floral covered plates for classic beautiful white ones. (this plate is from anthropologie)


8. with lavender & lace phone cases... amazing.

9. do you see a trend? i love these gold scissors. i put a pair on my christmas wish list! 

what are you favorites this time of the year? are you as excited about Christmastime as we are!?

x's + o's
kaitlin elaine & chelsea diane