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the most amazing thing about this app we use (almost too much.. and if you don't know what i am talking about.. i am talking about instagram!) is that we get to peek into peoples lives that we would never really get the opportunity to see in person. i have been a fan of sara's feed for sometime! (i say fan because i admire her photography so much!) her life seems so adventurous & beautiful.  get to know her more below!

1. Sara Grace Miller // 27 // currently Kansas City, MO // Freelance Photographer


2. since i have been following you (for a couple of years now!) you have been all over the place! do you ever see yourself settling down in a city or will always be a traveler? 


- The past two years have been such a wild ride. My husband and I travelled to fourteen different states for work and vacation. We lived out of suitcases, drove thousands of miles, and visited places we would never have known of if not for his job. We also planned most of our wedding from a car and hotel room! While I will always envision a lifetime of adventures for us, we are hoping to soon make a home in Tennessee. We are both so close to our families. We want to be near loved ones and have those memories once our own little family comes along. Even if we settle, we will always be travelers. 


3. how has married life been?? please share with us your story :-)


- Married life is just wonderful! My husband and I are college sweethearts. We met in a Public Speaking class. He asked me out on not only the last day of class but the day before he moved away for the summer... just incase I said no! We fell for each other fast and hard. We dated long distance before deciding to move to Charleston, South Carolina where we spent a few years on the beach and the dream of seeing the world together came to life. We have grown together over the last six years and we recently married on a Saturday afternoon down by a river. He is my constant love and companion. Experiencing this life with him is my greatest treasure. 


4. what has been your favorite place you have visited?


- Oh, that's so tough! It's a close tie between Jackson, Wyoming where we honeymooned or the Olympic Peninsula which stole my heart a few years ago. We are really hoping to visit both again this year!  


5. where do you hope to see yourself in the next five years?


- I hope to be in a home near the mountains or by the sea. A full time wife, mother, and photographer. Raising a big family. Tending to a garden. Still travelling the world together. Writing. Creating. And documenting it all along the way. 


6. what inspires you?


- Traveling, a good book, music that makes you feel something, beautiful photographs, stories that renew your faith in humanity, my husband, my friends, thankfulness, star-gazing, being in the woods, or by the ocean, or anywhere in nature. I am truly happiest when outdoors. 


7. who are some of your favorite IGers at the moment? 


- @ninelle with her simple, lovely feed / @dantom causing a severe case of wanderlust / @tezzamb is just a badass


8. describe yourself in three words.. GO!


- Compassionate, Romantic, Adventurous


9. what is your favorite creative outlet?


- Lately it's been cooking. It has been a few years since we've lived in our own home. I am slowly relearning what it's like to cook in a kitchen and not on a camp stove! There's also been a lot of journaling, decorating, and exercising lately. 


10. what has been your favorite part about the IG community?


- My favorite part about the Instagram community is that it is truly a community that extends across the world. When I moved back temporarily to my hometown of Nashville, Instagram connected me to so many talented and beautiful people. Some of my closest friends are incredible women I met through IG. I love being able to share little pieces of life through a photograph and a few words.

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thank you so much sara for being apart of follow friday! i can't wait for the day our paths meet and we can sip coffee & snap photos!


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