kaitlin's winter 2o15 skin care!

I am constantly changing what I use on my face whether it's makeup or moisturizer, and unless I find something that works so well nothing can compare, I will test out and experiment with every kind of method out there until I find that "holy grail" product. lately I've wanted to simplify as much as possible, using the least amount of products and also the least amount of chemicals and ingredients as possible.

I have extremely sensitive skin, meaning I always have a breakout on my face. a lot of it has to do with hormones and being a girl [ugh] but I am determined I can cure my acne with a really natural, simple skincare routine. I have taken some "before" photos of my bare face, not included in this post, but hopefully after a few months of carrying along with this method of cleansing and moisturizing I can have some amazing before & after results to show you!

what I've been using:

1 // how I wash my face: the Oil Cleansing Method:

2 parts castor oil to 1 part olive oil. castor oil is what opens the pores and pulls impurities to the surface, plus a carrier oil to dilute the castor oil and add moisture and nutrients. oil olive is what I chose, but you can use any other "carrier" oil you choose, like apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, etc. THESE OILS WILL NOT CLOG YOUR PORES! I REPEAT, WILL NOT CLOG PORES AND GIVE YOU BREAKOUTS!

I've watched so many YouTube videos and read so many blog posts about this, and everything I learned convinced me this is what I was missing and what was the answer to my skincare prayers. washing your face with OIL?! yes. at first, it sounds awful and totally wrong, opposite of what we have all been told about cleaning our skin our entire lives. but I'm telling you it will make sense! 

I have oily skin, or thought I've had oily skin my whole life. my makeup would practically melt off my skin by the end of the day. I was using Proactiv and yes it cleared up my acne for awhile, but it was leaving my skin SO oily: my skin became addicted to Benzoyl Peroxide, needing it to remove the oil every day to clear my acne, but causing my skin to become so dry it was making more oil: repeat and you get what I'm saying.

so do I really have oily skin? is there such thing as skin types? to some degree I think so, but since using oil to cleanse my face, I'm beginning to believe otherwise. my skin feels NORMAL. I still have breakouts, which is normal during the 30 days it takes for your skin to respond to something new. but my oil production has reduced drastically. my makeup stays on all day, and I don't look shiny all the time. 

what I do:

  1. on my dry, makeup-ed face, I rub about 2 tablespoons of my oil 'cleanser' onto my face with my clean hands, rubbing it all over my eyes [gently] and face in circular motions to remove makeup and stimulate blood flow. I especially work on areas I have breakouts. 
  2. I do that for about a minute or 2, the more time the better. then run a regular washcloth under very hot tap water and ring it out. I lay the cloth over my face for about 1 -2 minutes to open the pores, this is an important step! I take showers at night most of the time so this is easy to do in the steamy shower. once the cloth has cooled, gently wipe eyes and face, rubbing the cloth over your face to remove the makeup + oil. I usually rinse out the cloth and do this step a few times.
  3. if you wear a lot of foundation, doing this twice might be a good idea. the oil is so gentle, so to get a deep clean, I like to reapply the oil and do this step again. first time at the sink, and second time in the shower.
  4. your skin should feel moisturized and even have a slight oily feel. rinse and then towel dry, and it shouldn't have any oil residue.
  5. sometimes I don't even need to apply moisturizer! but if I do, I will do that next unless I am going to exfoliate.

2 // alba botanica "good & clean" daily detox foaming cleanser, for sensitive skin:

I was loving this cleanser before switching to my current daily cleansing method. it's gentle and really doesn't strip the oils from your skin, but leaves it feeling really clean. I use this maybe once a week if I feel the need to use a real cleanser, but I try to avoid it!

3 // olive oil + sea salt scrub or Nip & Fab Glycolic Fix exfoliating pads:

I'm addicted to exfoliating. I've noticed since changing the way I cleanse, I need to exfoliate more often. I still use my brown sugar + coconut oil scrub from my first skin care post last year, but recently I've been using olive oil and sea salt [even Lonnie loves to use it ;)]

I decided to try these exfoliating pads that contain glycolic acid and I like them a lot! they are a more gentle exfoliate and help remove any excess makeup residue. [plus I saw Kylie Jenner uses them AFTER I already was using them, so obviously she got the idea from me... ;)] I don't use them every day, but maybe a few times a week.

4 // virgin & unrefined coconut oil:

my moisturizer has been pretty simple these days! it may seem like a lot of oil paired with the oil cleansing, but I promise you my skin is not oily or greasy. coconut oil is so lightweight that I can use it as a moisturizer, unlike other oils that are so heavy and thick. a tiny but goes a long way and my skin drinks it up. plus it has amazing antibacterial properties and is great for treating breakouts. basically, coconut oil can and should be used for everything!!!

5 // AVEDA botanical kinetics energizing eye cream or Burt's Bees sensitive eye cream:

I love both of these eye creams, the AVEDA one is great for the morning and makes your eyes look brighter and awake. it's meant to de-puff and reduce dark under eye circles. this is just a sample, but I will be ordering the full size soon! the Burt's bees eye cream is just a great eye moisturizer and doesn't target anything specific, but is very hydrating! sometimes I don't even feel the need to use an eye cream!

as far as treatments or masks, I haven't been using many! I still use my detox clay mask I made and blogged back in the summer, which you can check out here.

so far I'm loving this routine and am determined to stick to it. this may not work for everyone, and I'm not saying it will! but I encourage you to give it a try, especially if you are tired of wasting so many dollars on skin care products that never work!

x's + o's
kaitlin elaine