snow day in the south!

guys, finally we got to see snow here in south virginia. the first snow fall was tiny but yet it made me so happy. this morning i woke up and it felt like christmas morning. i was jumping up and down and tried to get my dog to play with me in the snow. (that did not happen because she hates snow, ugh). i walked down the street to get my favorite chai latte from the cure. yes, i live right next to a coffee shop.. how convenient and amazing?! then strolled around my very quant neighborhood and took it all in before it melted an hour later. 

today on my personal IG i mentioned that i made crockpot quinoa chicken chilli here is the link that i found pintrest simular to this recipe but i did not have tomatoes so i chopped half of a green pepper & half of a small purple onion and added salt to taste. i am trying to kick cheese and diary to the curb so i added fresh avocado on top instead of shredded cheese!

one day i will live in a city that sees snow fall more than twice a year.. til then.. a half of inch of snow will do.

oh, and remember that day kaitlin and i had a snow day together? see more of our fun times together here  


chelsea diane