thrifty thursday // recent home decor finds

since moving into my new place, I've been having so much fun filling it up with things I can call my own. when I enter a thrift store now, the first place I look is the furniture and home goods section, forget about clothes! who needs those?! there are still plenty of bits and bobs and pieces of furniture to make my place complete, but so far I love all the treasures I've found and filled my home with. I hope you enjoy what I've found and maybe gather some inspiration for yourself!

let's start here: I found this wool Pottery Barn rug in Portland for $60! it goes perfectly with my wood floors and pops of color go well with the rest of my decor.

Lonnie got me hooked on collecting these Time Life Nature Library books. they contain beautiful color photos from the 60's and make great decoration or coffee table books! I'm still hunting for a coffee table, so for now I am using this table from IKEA.

I found this mid century table at a thrift store as well as the lamp and small pot for my plant. the mirror was thrifted a long time ago as well as my record player that I included in a past thrift post!

I am lucky to have parents who saved their old couch for me a few years ago, so I added some pillows I made from vintage floral fabric. Lonnie found me these wood beads to hang over my bedroom door, so perfect!

I also found this table at a thrift store along with the lamp + shade. the plant pot is new but I did find the pretty plate to go under it to protect the table.

I picked up this green leather + wood chair for $7! the fur is from IKEA and the terra cotta pots are also a thrift find.

this green vase is similar to an amber vintage vase I found a few months ago, the flower pot is also thrifted and it's just a perfect home for a succulent. Lonnie gave these glass canisters to me for Christmas, me just knows me so well!

we found these awesome rocks at an antique store and knew we had to do something with them, so we made magnets! they are so beautiful.

this is what the beads look like from inside my bedroom. on the side of my couch I found a perfect tapestry knitting basket to hold all my yarn and needles.

one of my favorite and most feminine parts of my apartment is my bedroom, especially my vintage vanity. I am so thankful for having such an awesome dad who went the day before this vanity went on sale to sweet talk the ladies into giving him the sale price AND delivering it to my house! 

I found this vintage clock last weekend along with the copper pot my cactus is living in. this "poodle" jar has special meaning because Poodle is my nickname given to me by my mom and dad. 

in between my bathroom and closet doors I have a small drawer with my typewriter on top, both thrifted!

last but not least is this vintage watch I picked up at an antique store for $1! I thought all it needed was a battery and it would be good to go, come to find out it's a bindable watch and doesn't even require a battery to work :)

Chelsea's thrift finds from recently are as follows!

a mid century lamp for her office! this was found at an antique store for ONLY $10. 

found this same vinyl holder at the same place for $10 also. Instead of using it for records she decided it would be a great place to hold her yarn!

gold picture frames $1 each! perfect to decorate the white walls in her office.

and some vintage glassware for her succulents!

I hope you enjoyed our thrift finds for now, there will be plenty more to come in the future :)

x's + o's
kaitlin elaine & chelsea diane