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1. elana jadallah // 22 // salt lake city, ut // social media consultant + business developer at social studio

2. so you recently went to the PNW! tell us about your trip, the favorite spots you visited.. etc!

Yes, I did! It was my first trip & I loved it! While up in Portland I stayed with a dear friend of mine. She & her roommates were wonderful tour guides. They showed me so many facets of the city and took me to all of their favorite hot spots. I loved Mississippi Ave (go to Bar Bar for a drink), Broder’s + Mother’s Bistro for brunch, loved Salt & Straw (you’ve gotta try the olive oil ice cream–it’s heavenly), and Multnomah Falls was touristy but definitely breathtaking! Next trip I hope to make it to the coast!


3. what inspires you? 

Oh my word–this whole world does, people do, art does! I am probably most inspired by emotion-evoking photography. I love photography starring any part of this earth–portrait, landscape, still life, lifestyle, etc. I admire all mediums–from highend film to iphoneography–if the person behind the lens can capture that moment just right. . . they inspire me to want to do the same, or to live in that moment, or to write something that expresses something similar. 


4. if you were a flower which flower would you be and why?

My favorite book is The Language of Flowers and ever since reading that book, the meanings of flowers have changed. So, if I were to be a flower I would be a ranunculus, meaning radiant with charms. The ranunculus stood out to me while reading the book because I love to give them as gifts & have them in my home. They bring joy, are so intricate and they come in the most glorious colors! That’s a hard question because I don’t think I’m quite there yet but hope to be radiant with charms one day! ;) . . . But seriously, I highly recommend that book. 


5. i saw on IG that last year you did some traveling, do you have any travel plans this year? if not, where would you like to visit??

love to travel! It’s so invigorating to experience a new city or a place that spurs nostalgia. My favorite travels in the last year were to the Exuma Island in the Bahamas, Jackson Hole, Cape Cod + Portland.

For 2015–My mum lives in Hawaii + my parter Aaron’s family resides in Maine, so we’ll be visiting both ends of the US for sure. In May, my best friends are getting married so we will be heading to Los Cabos, Mexico in celebration & I couldn’t be more excited! Lastly, my job with Social Studio will take me to San Fran + New York and there are talks of Europe in the fall with Aaron. . . we shall see! 


6. what is your favorite part of the IG community?

I value the inspiration, definitely, but I love connecting with genuinely good folks. I love being able to follow along with people’s journeys and to offer encouragement during the happiest and hardest times! It’s been a great joy of mine to network with people from all around the country + meet a few of them. In 2015, I hope to meet more people who have inspired + encouraged me along the way! 


7. what inspires your fashion? {you have a sense of style}

Fashion has always been an interesting concept for me. I have never thought of myself as ‘fashionable’ but have strived to look put together with a bit of creativity. As I have gotten older, I try to tie classic pieces (a great leather bag, good denim, beautiful timeless jewelry) with some trendy items! Right now I am pulling inspiration from Madewell, Urban Outfitters, Anthro + Free People but trying to pull these looks together while not splurging on all high-end items.


8. where do you hope to see yourself in 5 years?

Wow–in 5 years. . . I hope to be in a place where my heart finds home, whether that be in SLC or elsewhere. I hope to be proud of the work I am creating–either working for a company I am excited to be a part of, or owning my own business! I hope to still be as in love with life as I am now, a bit more financially stable, to have some furbabies filling my home and to have my mum living closer.


9. what is your favorite part of living in Salt Lake City?

My favorite part about SLC is the accessibility to the outdoors. I love that I can live life in the city–great food, cafes, shopping, farmer’s markets–but be just a short drive from that fresh mountain air! I love to hike, camp, and take long canyon drives so Salt Lake is perfect for my lifestyle.


10. Describe yourself in three words, GO!








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