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kaitlin //

- - who -- I don't think this is necessarily a "who" but I've been watching the series "Twin Peaks" on Netflix which takes place in my home state, Washington! I love knowing the places where they filmed scenes and the over all 90's-ness of it. Lonnie and I took a trip to North Bend last weekend and can't wait to go back as we discover more landmarks as the series progresses!

- - eat - -  Dole Chopped salads! They come in lots of different varieties/flavors and contain kale, carrots, cabbage, and romaine lettuce. I'm terrible at making salads and won't eat them unless they're convenient, so I am glad I found these to start off my new year! My favorite is Chipotle Cheddar. 

- - drink - - I've been making detox water and sipping it throughout the day, and it's been helping me keep up my water intake! I slice 1/2 a cucumber, 2 lemons (one juiced the other sliced) a few pieces of sliced raw ginger, and a few mint leaves chopped and then add it to a pitcher of filtered water and keep it in the fridge!

- - create - - It's been one big creative project making my new apartment a home! I'm loving finding a place for everything, thrifting some really awesome pieces, filling corners with plants, and overall making my living space feel like me. Hopefully, we will have a "S P A C E S" feature on my place very soon!

- - wear - -  lately, my outfits consist of anything oversized: sweaters, tees, and coats. Also, my hightop Nike sneakers I got from Lonnie for Christmas! 

chelsea //

- -who - - cindy loughridge. she has been an inspiration to me for over five years now. i first found her gorgeous simplistic work on flickr and i have been obsessing over her since. her style of photography has inspired me in so many ways. i honestly do not remember how i found her on flickr but i remember seeing her feed and it was like i was seeing photography from a different stand point. a simple images of a tulip, steam from a cup of coffee, or a bowl of apples.. she captures the most simple images but she gives them such life. 

head over  here  and she a recent q + a video she did about her photography.

- - eat - - avocados. on everything. 

- - drink - - coffee, foamy lattes, soy chais.. yum.

- - create - - my goal this year is to go above & beyond with knitting. i have been really inspired by emma robertson  and her knitting book Knitting by Design that came out last year. it is a great book with tutorials on making so many things.. like hats, skirts, tops.. etc. i am hoping to learn from this knitting guru!

- - wear- - pajamas or as i like to call them "cozies." i feel like as soon as i get home or if i am home working i prefer to stay in my  cozies. PLUS it's so stinking cold out guys ... and i live in an old apartment building and the insolation sadly is pretty terrible. 

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