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Happy Friday guys! Today we are featuring the talented Brittany Shelton! She has actually been a good friend of mine for the past three years. When I moved to norfolk she was one of my first close friends. Over a year ago her + her husband Taylor moved to Nashville! Brittany is so talented. She is a singer, journalist, designer + homemaker! Brit just launched her blog last month + I am so excited to see where it takes her!   




1. Brit Greenquist// 25// Nashville, TN// Journalist/Singer-Songwriter


2. So you just started a blog! What inspired you to start it? 

I recently transitioned out of full-time work as the editor of an online publication, and not having an outlet for writing was slightly traumatizing. I haven't written for myself in a very long time, and I wanted to create a space where I could release some of the visions and passions the Lord has been building inside of me, and in others around me. Having that kind of space — whether online or in-person — is something I believe every artist craves. 




3. Tell us about your blog and hope to bring to your audience! 

It's so very new (barely a month old!) and I'm still discovering what I want it to be for readers. Currently, it's more of just a combination of my thoughts and reflections, and crafts I'm attempting. However, my immediate goal is to add in musical aspects. I'd love for it to be a place where I curate playlists, create videos of musical projects I'm working on, as well as promoting the works of other up-and-coming artists. 


4. You just moved to Nashville over a year ago.. What is your favorite thing thus far of living there?

Oh, Nashvegas! It truly does feel like home already. I grew up just a few hours outside of the city, so Tennessee is comfortable for me. I LOVE the people and vibrant community here. It's a genuine group of humans that encourage one another to succeed. Oh yeah, and the coffee here is what dreams are freakin' made of!! (Crema, Crema, Crema!) 



5. If you were a flower what flower would you be and why?  As much as I want to say an English Rose or a Peony (they're my fav!) They're just so graceful and subtle — which is kind of the opposite of me. I think I'm more of a poppy — wild and bright... I like that! 



6. What are some of your fav spots in Nashville?

Hmmm that's tough because there are just so many good places. But some of my favorites are the Sky Blue Cafe for brunch; Crema for the perfect latte; Sisters of Nature, Imogene + Willie and White's Mercantile for a little retail therapy; and Mas Tacos, Rolf and Daughters or Silly Goose for phenomenal food. And if you wanna catch an awesome local show, follow Cause a Scene — they'll never fail ya. 



7. You just released your ep! Tell us about your music: 

Oh, music! Well, my ep was a long time coming (I recorded it over three years ago). But I think as a musician — or just as an individual — it's easy to get caught up in the comparison game, and you lose sight of why you love what you do in the first place. Nashville has played a major role in setting me free from that feeling. I'm in the process of writing a lot of new songs that I hope to record and get out into the world soon. For me, music is a way of life. The goal is simply to connect with people. 




8. Would you be an iced coffee or a hot one? 

That's a tough one, especially with the chilly weather outside... but I'm an iced coffee for sure. Nothing is more refreshing! 



9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

Five years seems like such a long time from now... I can't imagine where I'll be at 30. For now, my husband and I have dreams of living abroad (Sweden here we come!), and playing more music. It's so easy to make plans, but nothing is concrete in this world, so my only immediate focus is to try to keep walking in faith, and to be excited in every step as this adventure unfolds. 




10. Describe yourself in three words.. GO! 

 Passionate, sensitive and feisty!! 


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