a month of smoothies: week 01

why i kissed veganism goodbye.

For five years I was a vegetarian and for two more years I was a vegan. I first became a vegetarian in high school. Growing up with Texan parents we always had some kind of red meat for dinner. I never really liked it. So I tried kicking it out of my diet and it kind of stuck. I felt better, slept better, and had more energy. But as the years went on, transitioning to veganism, I progressively became more unhealthy.  

The thing is, I was a bad vegetarian/vegan. Throughout my years as an omnivore I did a pretty poor job at making sure I was getting the right amount of nutrients for my body. I didn't make sure I was eating enough beans or nuts for my protein. In college I ate a lot of fries or yogurt. I was doing it wrong.

Last fall was the wake up call for my health. In one month, I dropped almost 20 pounds. Going from my healthy 120 pounds to 100. I had bronchitis, then pneumonia, then bronchitis again. I was frail, literally all skin and bones. I went home for Christmas and my family was pretty taken aback with my appearance. That's when I realized having a bowl of soup for lunch and not eating anything for dinner wasn't being "vegan," it was being unhealthy. 

            (this is a photo of me during the time when i was at my weakest point, 100 pounds.)

           (this is a photo of me during the time when i was at my weakest point, 100 pounds.)

So, the past year I have been trying different meats. I started slowly introducing fish into my diet, then went onto other white meats like chicken & turkey. My digestive system still is working on breaking those heavier foods down. But, I am healthy. I feel great, I eat three meals a day and I have a healthy snack or two in the day. I no longer feel guilty about eating. I am not saying that vegetarianism / veganism is wrong. I made my vegetarianism into disorderly eating. 

I am pressing on and hoping that 2015 is my healthiest year yet! I am practicing yoga every morning after a big breakfast. I try to include an avocado, an egg and some kind of citrus each morning. I have been drinking a lot of detox water (lemon, grapefruit, cucumber, lime) & have one meat each day. This is what's been working for me! I would love to hear how you try to practice healthy living each day.

It feels awesome to be free of labels and to just be me. To be the healthiest & happiest version of ME.

today's smoothie: berry green smoothie

what i used:

+ a hand full of spinach

+ 1/4 cup cactus water

+ 1/4 cup Suja's berry goodness

+ 3 frozen strawberries

+ 1 banana 

don't be scared of this green/brown color! this drink is SO tasty!!

& if you are on the go, I made this smoothie for Andrew and I grabbed a canning jar so he could throw it in his backpack!


Happy Tuesday! 

x's + o's,

chelsea diane