march // friday favorites!

photo via Pinterest


1 . lately, I've been finding inspiration through the colors and textures of the desert. I haven't actually been to many real-life locations that could truly classify as such except for Joshua Tree, CA and places in southern California. the colors are truly beautiful at all times of the day. I dream about going to the southwest and experiencing giant, flowering cacti and the Grand Canyon. for now I will settle for bringing as many cacti and succulents into my home, surrounding myself with the palette of rich terra cotta, pale greeny-blues and deep, saturated greens.

photo by Lonnie Webb

photo via tumblr

photo via tumblr

photo by Lonnie Webb

2. around my house I've added my own bits of the desert [or maybe 'tropical escape' or maybe both?] I've become a bit of a plant lady and I'm proud of it. I can't have pets in my apartment, plus I'm just not ready to commit to taking care of a dog for the next 13+ years, and I'm allergic to cats. so plants are the next best thing and I love taking care of them! I even planted my own basil and sunflowers, the sunflowers have taken off and I can't wait for them to grow up this summer. my basil is tiny but growing. my camellia tree is just about to begin blooming on my front porch too! I'm such a proud mom ;)

3. my last favorite is again tied into the desert theme of what's been inspiring me lately: nail polish. I saw these 3 colors and thought they looked so pretty paired together or on their own. the muted rosy tones remind me of the sunset reflecting off the rocks in Joshua Tree, and with a name containing "canyon" and looking like red stone, I had to get it.

Milani "Canyon Country"

Milani "Peach Innocence"

Milani "Vanilla Almond"


1. This ceramic coffee mug from target! It keeps my coffee hot longer plus it's really cute! 

2. These ankle boots from old navy! I never go to that store and I was pleasantly surprised when I found these! Always wanted a cute pair like Kaitlin's. They are super affordable and comfy! 

3. This sweater.. It's actually my moms and while I visited last week she lent it to me then gave it to me! It's warm, cozy and I could wear it every day if it were socially acceptable 

4. Last but not least MY NIECE! She's three weeks old now and she's perfect. Sophia Anna (what a name, right?!) wish I could see her everyday!

and the bible verse chelsea wants to memorize this week-- "for we are God's masterpiece he has created us anew in Christ Jesus so we do the good things he has planned for us long ago." Ephesians 2:10

have an amazing weekend, we love you all!
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kaitlin elaine & chelsea diane