F&F Mother's day gift guide!

It's almost Mother's Day! I wanted to create a gift guide that every mother each age would love all five of the products that we have listed. Being at the end of my 20's most of my close friends are mothers to not one child but a few! I am so amazed by their strength by raising these tiny humans, maintaining their small businesses & taking time out to grab a chai latte. As I see those around me in this phase of life I cannot even respect my own Mom even more. 

My parents got married at the ripe age of 18 and 19. My mom graduated high school in May, turned 18 in June and eloped in San Antonio, TX with my dad in July. They moved to Germany (My dad was in the air force) and they had me when my mom was 20. All of her 20's she was raising two little girls, moving around the country, and having to spend months raising her children alone while my dad was fighting for our country. (during this time as well she was working part time) She had so much inner strength during this time and I honestly think that this is a strength that God gives all women that carry the name "Momma." I cannot wait for the day where I can share the same unconditional love that my Mom showed me as a child and continues to this day.

treat your mom to a sweet gift, a bouquet of peonies and all the hugs you could give her. 

happy mother's day to my sister & my momma!!

x's + o's,

chelsea diane